License Procurement and Agreement support

We deliver professional consulting services on software license procurement and license agreement.
We do not sell software licenses, although as a licensing professional company we are 100% on customer side and support your best license procurement with cost reduction for complex and multi-year license agreements.


License Compliance support

Almost all type of organizations is using software and procures the licenses today.
Same time major software vendors are on more focus their license compliance activities. We are again 100% on customer’s stand point and provide professional services either when you receive vendor’s audit type letter or before vendors approach but make sure license compliance internally.


IP Licensing support

Patent and black-box are one type of IP strategy for many organizations.
Also we believe LICENSING is one strong IP strategy too.
Your ideas and efforts create intellectual property and should deliver to the people who needs your IP by the vehicle called as license.
We support IP licensing itself and the licensing sales strategy by your side.


Remaining days for the End of Microsoft Windows 7 extended support days

Please feel free to contact us for license procurement on replacements お問い合わせ